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Congratulations on finding a program that works for you, and best of luck with your continued recovery. The last time I saw him, I spent the night at his home.

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There’s also a reason that AA members are encouraged to practice their recovery “one day at a time,” and it’s not superstition or pessimism.

Worry about your 30-day chip when the day comes, and not before. We’d already known one another for a few years, and I thought we knew each other pretty well.

If you’re looking for a quick-and-dirty answer to why you blew up two relationships from the inside in rapid succession—something like “You’re afraid of commitment” or “You’re turning into your father” or “You need to take a nine-week tantric sex course to learn to love yourself”—then I’m afraid I can’t be very helpful.

The upshot is that you get to take all this bewilderment and self-recrimination and put it to good use!

The important thing is that you’re sober and committed to staying that way.

If the “anniversary” of your continuous sobriety comes up in conversation with your mother, you can be honest about it with her—and you shouldn’t lie if she asks—but your focus right now should be on finding a sponsor and getting involved in the program, not on making a full confession to your mother.

We decided to proceed with a “friends with benefits” situation since our relationship is complicated. At the end of that week, he told me that he preferred the sexual tension and “the thrill of the chase” to our new arrangement, although he did not want to ruin our friendship. After a few days, I realized that I may have appeared too clingy and annoying—especially since a man in his 40s probably does not want his hookup texting him every day.

I am never the clingy one, and it irritates me to think that I was.

There is, as you likely know, a program available for people like your mother called Al-Anon; she will find support and assistance there.

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