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However, some of them do have a remote install option where the user of the target phone will just think they are getting an email from you.

This feature may not be legal in your area so check the local laws before attempting. If your wife has Wi Fi enabled on her phone and it automatically connects to your home Wi Fi as is usually the case, then you can install a free network sniffer tool on any computer on your home network.

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Give plenty of thought to how you will execute this before attempting.

Another option that may be less problematic but may not be legal in your area (so check first) is to use a spy app which uses an email to install on his phone remotely. He lies that he forgot the password when he just got on it.

Have everything you need to be hidden in the bathroom.

Once you get his phone go to the bathroom and lock the door.

The sniffer tool will be able to intercept all data going to and from your wife's phone including emails and internet browsing and perhaps chats depending on the protocol being used by the chat application. In this situation that you are currently in you will not have many choices for you to be able to get into the device that is locked at this time.

This will likely be enough for you to determine what she is up to. The main way that people get into their locked phones is by performing a Hard Reset but in your case, you are not going to be able to do this because it will erase the information that you are wanting to seek in the device.

Install a data recovery program on your laptop computer ahead of time. If you have the same device or a friend does, try the software on that phone first and make sure it works and you know how to use it.

You must be proficient at using the software because you won't likely get much time to do this operation.

One good cover for doing this is to pretend you are going to message one of his friends something he doesn't want you to. He will think it's harmless enough that he won't break in hopefully.

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