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While previous encyclopedias, notably the Encyclopædia Britannica, were book-based, Microsoft's Encarta, published in 1993, was available on CD-ROM and hyperlinked.The development of the World Wide Web led to many attempts to develop internet encyclopedia projects.This concept of a machine-assisted encyclopedia was further expanded in H. Wells' book of essays World Brain (1938) and Vannevar Bush's future vision of the microfilm-based Memex in his essay "As We May Think" (1945).

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In the first year of its existence, over 20,000 encyclopedia entries were created – a rate of over 1,500 articles per month.

On Friday 30 August 2002, the article count reached 40,000.

Wikipedia's earliest edits were long believed lost, since the original Use Mod Wiki software deleted old data after about a month.

On Tuesday 14 December 2010, developer Tim Starling found backups on Source Forge containing every change made to Wikipedia from its creation in January 2001 to 17 August 2001.

Medi Assist launched its website in Malayalam in a special event at Kochi on 29th of August 2016. https:// Stay tuned, as we add more languages and say hello to you in one of your own!

The website in their native language is dedicated to the 3.25 lakh lives whose health insurance policies are administered by Medi Assist in Kerala.

For more information see Wikipedia: Wikipedia's oldest articles.

Early in Wikipedia's development, it began to expand internationally, with the creation of new namespaces, each with a distinct set of usernames.

Wales stated in December 2008 that he made Wikipedia's first edit, a test edit with the text "Hello, World!

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