Television dating game shows

Well, the men arent going to openly admit to watching it, are they? ) Anyway, this modern dating show has the same cheesy questions as Blind Date and theres a date to be had at the end.

But the powers-that-be have dispensed with blindness and alternating the sexes. If at any moment ANY moment they decide the merchandise on offer is not for them, they switch off the light in front of them.

But what about the hunky surfer dude who was no likeyed by one girl because she didnt like the colour of his arms? In a nutshell, the basic premise of the show was to get to know someone of the opposite sex in the dark without ever seeing what they look like until the end of the hour long show. ), there were three women and three men of similar ages and one very dark room where they first met.

On hand was a helpful host to guide the men and women through the getting to know each other process and make sure they didn't just spend all the time in the dark together as a group.

The host had the singletons do a couple of different exercises to help them get to know each other and after the men and women had all met and formed impressions of each other, they were told who their "perfect match" was based on the fifty page questionnaire they'd filled out before coming on the show and on several relationship experts.

This dating show is guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear; its like watching a laboratory experiment as the spectre of rejection hangs over everyone, but for the girls even if tall blonde seems to beat short brunette every time theres strength in numbers.

In a way the team here at Dateinadash also think that Take Me Out is an important sociological study as we get to know the contestants each week, we come to a greater understanding of what makes the modern girl tick.

Once again the salvation of singletons everywhere, the tireless Davina Mc Call and the fresh faced Holly Willoughby were two favourites at the Streetmate dating game and all these years later isnt it lovely to still see the both of them across our TV screens?!

With no set-ups, no scams, the Street Mate crew hit the streets of the UK, scouting out a single person looking for love, and finding them a perfect date.From the other side of a screen, unseen, a member of the opposite sex would pose a daft question - something like If I were making a cocktail, what ingredient would you be? but not before the two losers had revealed themselves first.Some people got quite irate about the shallowness of Blind Date but its apparent premise that looks arent everything seemed sound.Once a couple had been found, it was back to their homes to discover what they were really like.In this pacey, funny, dating show for young people with hectic lifestyles we all wondered if we are all just too busy for love?For sure, sex was shown as a matter of visual display by and for ordinary people, devoid of almost all of the trappings of romance, bar the occasional stage prop, and with women as eager to judge men as men were to strut their stuff.

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