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Lots of ads refer to previous messages, to the magazine itself or contain running gags for dedicated readers.For no very good reason, the 1970s Canadian rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive get repeated mentions; the critics John Sutherland and Andrew O'Hagan appear intermittently and there are regularly cutting-edge scientific theories mixed in with the appeals for love. For about two years every edition contained at least one ad that made reference, often sexual, to the Labour MP.So humour probably says more about you than the usual bland list of likes and dislikes." Rose insists that his advertisers do get responses and that several have married thanks to the column.

Telegraph dating kindred spirits

"The fear was that it would be dowdy and slightly depressing, but it really wasn't," says Spice, who is planning to hold more get-togethers. True, I am a forest, and a night of dark trees, but he who is not afraid of my darkness will find banks full of roses under my cypresses. Wondered if I'd get a mention in the Alan Bennett 2002 diary." Peripheral bloke (47).

"They were younger, more energetic and more beautiful than I imagined." And none of the men brought their mothers. Part-time heavy-metal Guardian sub-editor (male, pale, drinks light ale)."August 14th.

But the most consistent theme, apart from gross self-denigration, has been men and their mothers.

A recent ad maintained: "A girlfriend isn't a girlfriend unless she makes my mother cry with grief every time she visits.

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"We hardly got any letters about it, but we gave the advertisers a free one anyway," he says.

Contrary to the somewhat lonely image of personals dating, the LRB adverts have a sense of community about them.

For two years now she's sat, contented, in front of the TV with not a care in the world. Professional M, 38, seeks heartless common slut with no small knowledge of Sheltered Housing application procedures.

Basingstoke." Another insisted: "Must enjoy computer battleships, segregated bathrooms and respect my mother by wearing clothes just like hers (cavalry twill, mainly)."And then there are the plain odd.

The sheer obscurity of some ads has led to an urban myth that a North Korean spy was once picked up in London with a copy of the LRB containing several circled personals ads."The LRB is an extremely serious read," says Nicholas Spice, the periodical's publisher. When you do that voodoo that you do so well, I invoke 16th century witchcraft laws and have you burned at the stake.

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