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We didn't go to music school, I couldn't wail on the guitar or do crazy leads.

I always felt like we were up against people who had very specific skills and qualifications and we were always gonna be outsiders.

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It’s crazy, because they’re so poppy and upbeat in some ways, but as soon as you start listening to it, it feels like she’s just hitting you with a fucking brick in your face. I think we’re both reflecting on some failure in our past.

We’ve kind of gotten to that age where we feel like it’s time to start taking responsibility for things.

and "Walking With A Ghost" got reviewed so badly initially.

Like so many reviews on big publications like Pitchfork were calling us boring and saying the guitar was boring and so simple. There was sort of the understanding that we were never going to be considered amongst the guitar gods, that we were not good enough.

We’ve gone into the studio with a few people over the last year and for the first time ever in my career, I wasn’t just accepting the pats on the back. ” We’ve always been critically acclaimed and we have a great fan base, but we’re not necessarily always respected for being the best songwriters—why? ” and I’m like, “Right, okay.” I am friends with a lot of writers who write novels and short stories and those kinds of things, but television too.

I was like, “Well, what would you do if you were us? I got a pile of books and really felt like I went back to school. ” We definitely really dove into our writing on this one. Not many people take such an academic approach to their lyrics. My girlfriend will tell you—I can repeat the same thing a thousand times. I’ll just keep going back to it over and over and over again.

I definitely tried not to make my songs feel linear or dumbed down, but I definitely wanted to keep the message simple.

I feel like I’m at a place in my life where I wanted to find the best way to say something, not like 25 different ways. We spent a lot of time talking to other writers, musicians, producers. As writers, why aren’t we nominated for writer of the year or whatever? Maybe you just need to write stronger bridges or change your perspective—not so much ‘I, I, I.’ What about ?

And I definitely feel like lyric-wise, we tried not to be too depressing, but definitely there’s a darkness and sullenness to this record in terms of lyrics.

Ultimately, we are in a happier place [on this record], which has made us more productive.

I spent a lot of time listening and looking through those kinds of lyrics.

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