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Dating Advice For Teen Girls · First step is to date someone you truly like. However, it will be much more fun to find someone who has same interests as you.

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If the relationship ends, the feeling of hurt and betrayal will be much deeper if you have been intimate and you may regret what you have done.

· When you start dating, a guy becomes the centre of your life.

] When both of you decide to meet up over a date, it’s a serious move to test both of your compatibilities and see if there’s a chance to fall in love with each other. And many other times, the date could lead to an awkward silence that ends all conversations between both of you.

Now the most important first date tip to remember is to behave like a lady when you’re with a man who’s making the effort to behave like a gentleman.

It might sound bitter, but it’s true that you don’t know whether this guy will be around for long or not. After all, it is not that you will be a teenager again in your life.

On the other hand, your friends will always be there for you.

So, don’t ignore your friends for the sake of a new relationship and vice versa. Make sure that you can contact your parents and friends, if you are caught up in a bad situation!

Avoid keeping your cell phone in purse; rather keep it nearest your reach. There is a tiny voice inside you, which whispers that may be he isn’t the right person.

You might be under pressure from your boyfriend for more intimacy.

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