Teen dating and friendship

But there should be a thin line between being assertive and just plain mean and bitchy.It may work in a teen movie, but in real life, there’s really no point in pampering a bad friend or becoming a part of their entourage.Any friend who behaves like a diva needs to get their head examined.

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And now during our adult life too, things aren’t very different.

Understanding a bad friendship Many of us find ourselves in the middle of a bad friendship.

Does your friend put you down or makes you lose your confidence? [Read: How to love yourself] #5 A bad friend who cuts you down with criticism Honesty is very much appreciated, but when friends pass sarcastic comments and take cheap digs at you, things can’t get any worse.

Jealousy and competition is healthy, but not in excess.

If your friend drags in an air of negativity, perhaps it’s time to end the friendship.

Make up an excuse or get the hell out of their life.

[Read: How to look sexy without trying] #6 Your friend wants advice all the time Your friend keeps droning on about their partner or their love life, or constantly asks for your help to meet new dating potentials.

And even if you do offer your advice or help, they don’t take advantage of it.

At a party, a bad friend always tries to steal the thunder and if you happen to get more of the spotlight, you’re going to pay for it.

Calculative and deceiving, your bad excuse of a friend will pretend to be your best friend forever until you deprive her of something that she believes is hers. As we all know, the very nature of friendship can be tricky.

Even among guys, when you spot a hot coworker down the lane, does your friend walk beside you or does he speed up his pace to be the first to talk to her?

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