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Manual pumps are best for moms who pump only occasionally.

High-end electric pumps are good for moms who are regularly away from their baby for six hours or more.

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Narrator: You can use pillows to support your back.

You'll need to lean slightly forward so that milk doesn't drip toward the flange, break the suction, and leak out. Lactation consultant: Line it up directly over your nipple so that your nipple's completely centered within that hole.

In preparation, she's turning to Shari Criso, a nurse, midwife, and certified lactation consultant in Denville, New Jersey.

Lactation consultant Shari Criso: Kim, so now that your baby has established breastfeeding, it's time for you to start pumping. Lactation consultant: It looks a little confusing, but trust me, as you get started, this is going to be very, very simple.

Hold the flange securely against your breast to ensure a good seal on your skin.

Lactation consultant: Now hold the bottle with this hand.

And you're gonna use your other hand to turn on the machine.

Narrator: To simulate the way your baby feeds, start with quick shallow sucking to get your milk letdown reflex going.

Lactation consultant: So, why don't you do one while I do the other?

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