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Through the use of expert opinion, a panel of national leaders in college-level teaching validated twenty seven competencies as important or very important for faculty members who teach.

Seven other competencies were rated slightly below a mean score of 4.0 suggesting, based on additional feedback by the panel, that the importance of some competencies may depend on specific variables found within a given context. Smith is Coordinator of Teaching Assistant Support at The University of Georgia, Office of Instructional Development.

The aim of this study was to validate the EFFECT questionnaire for quality assessment of clinical teaching in residency training.

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Inter-item correlations were positive and the discrimination index was above .30 for all items. In Canada, doctor-patient communication is one of the central competencies targeted in medical education programs.

In North America, this competency is endorsed not only by the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada but also by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

We conducted descriptive statistics, a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), and tested the correlation between the DPCC-MS and the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) scores.

In phase 2, eleven clinical teachers assessed the performance of 35 medical students in an objective structured clinical examination station using the DPCC-MS, a 15-item instrument developed by Côté et al.

He holds degrees from The University of Tennessee and The University of Georgia.

Medical students on clinical rotations have to be assessed on several competencies at the end of each clinical rotation, pointing to the need for short, reliable, and valid assessment instruments of each competency.

To our knowledge, there are no published short (i.e.

less than 10 items), reliable and valid instruments to assess doctor-patient communication [] of available English instruments to assess doctor-patient communication competency found that the shortest instrument had 10 items, nine other instruments had 12 to 20 items, while another 10 instruments had up to 95 items.

However, because doctor-patient communication is just one of several competencies assessed during rotations, there is a need for short, comprehensive, reliable and valid measurement instruments of doctor-patient communication [].

Additionally, our experience at Laval University shows that it is logistically impractical to have 10 or more items on doctor-patient communication alone, when five to seven competencies are being assessed for each clinical rotation completed by the student.

There is also an instrument published in French [] that has good content validity and high internal consistency reliability, but its 15 items still make it too long for summative assessments of a range of competencies at the end of- clinical rotations.

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