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However, Fawles took the stand and committed suicide by drinking a vial of poison.The case emotionally scarred Mia, and she did not take another case for over a year.

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Ami Fey (ancestor; deceased) An unnamed father (father; deceased) Misty Fey (mother; deceased) Maya Fey (younger sister) Morgan Fey (maternal aunt; arrested) An unnamed uncle (Morgan's first husband) Dahlia Hawthorne (younger cousin and nemesis; deceased) Iris (younger cousin; arrested) An unnamed uncle (Morgan's second husband) Pearl Fey (younger cousin) Bikini (fellow member of Fey Clan) Fey clan Khura'in royal family (distant relatives)Redd White (investigative target and killer; arrested) Marvin Grossberg (former employer, co-counsel, and mentor) Robert Hammond (former colleague; deceased) Terry Fawles (first client; deceased) Miles Edgeworth (rival prosecutor) Winston Payne (rival prosecutor) Charley (office plant) Larry Butz (Wright's first client)Wright? Also, hopefully you realize, things change depending on how you look at them. We never really know if our clients are guilty or innocent. And in order to believe in them, you have to believe in yourself.

Mia Fey was a defense attorney known for her undying belief in her clients.

Mia was born into a prominent family of spirit mediums called the Fey clan.

She grew up witnessing the rivalry between her mother, Misty Fey, and her aunt, Morgan Fey, who was next in line to be the Master of Kurain Village.

She also gathered information on Redd White and the DL-6 Incident, uncovering an entire career of blackmail and names of people White had blackmailed over the years.

She enlisted Maya's help to safeguard evidence on more than one occasion, and told her to contact Grossberg if she ever needed a lawyer.

The prosecutor for the trial, Miles Edgeworth, happened to be the son of Gregory Edgeworth, and was new to the court system as well.

During the course of the trial, Mia managed to prove that the alleged eyewitness "Melissa Foster" was actually called Dahlia Hawthorne, and tried to prove that she was the real killer.

After graduating, Mia became a defense attorney working under Marvin Grossberg.

Eventually, by holding an audience with the dead, she learned that Grossberg had sold information about her mother's involvement in the DL-6 Incident to Redd White, who had subsequently leaked the information to the press.

Hawthorne was later convicted and sentenced to death for her crime.

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