Teacher dating parent of student

"I've enquired about approximately 40 houses, been to view almost 10 and have not heard back from the remainder.

Of the houses I did view, I didn't get them, for whatever reason." Ms Mulligan, who is about to start her final year training as a primary teacher, said she had now registered as homeless.

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The local CBS station reported that the school employee claimed to have seen Krohnfeldt engage in unspecified inappropriate behavior with the male student months prior, but the staffer only came forward about it this week.

After getting the report, the principal of the school immediately contacted the local police and the sheriff’s office, who dispatched officers to the school to search Krohnfeldt's classroom, which was temporarily sealed off.

According to Krohnfeldt's now-defunct biography page on Drake's website, she was a native of Arvada and had been teaching in Jefferson County since 1993.

She had taught social studies, English language arts and reading intervention.

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Gretchen Krohnfeldt, 47, a middle school teacher and married mother-of-three, allegedly committed suicide on Tuesday, one day after she was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student A middle school teacher and married mother-of-three was found dead inside her home from a suspected suicide Tuesday, one day after she was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student.

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On Monday, Krohnfeldt was placed on administrative leave after a resource officer at Drake Middle School received a tip that the veteran educator had a tryst with a former student, who was now in high school.

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