Teach your daughters to be intimidating in a pretty dress

The catch is that this requires that both of you are over 21, have an emergency contact, and a DD.This rule will also assist in preventing you from becoming “THAT GUY” (See #2)!…even Bob Barker beating the snot out of Happy Gilmore!

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Teach your daughters to be intimidating in a pretty dress Video sex camira heaid

Imagine your wife asking you to attend a Bikram Yoga class with her and she provides you with a pair of her old yoga pants that have been in the back of the closet to wear to class.

That’s how she’ll feel with your old Powerbilt Blades whose grips are so dry-rotted she’ll think she needs a tetanus shot after the round.

Another reason women like to learn in groups is because (now here’s a revelation) women actually like to talk!!!

Beware, there’s a very good possibility that they may talk much longer than they end up spending hitting golf balls, but in the end, if you encourage her to participate with a group, you’ll have a greater chance of maintaining her interest in the game!

Do her a favor and take her to get fit from a club fitter and get a decent set of clubs in her hands.

An appropriate starter set can set you back as little as a couple hundred dollars, and involving her in the shopping experience will earn you some major points.

Many of you may have tried to get your woman into the game, but came out of it with nothing to show for your efforts.

You may also have thought about getting them started with the game, but have zero clue where to start.

UPDATE: Women like shopping, especially when you are paying for it!

Most manufacturers have wisely chosen pink and purple color schemes for their women’s clubs and start your lady’s golf venture off the right way.

According to the National Golf Foundation, the proportion of female players is right around 20-25%. There are obviously an increasing number of women interested in getting started in golf, but the problem is finding the right way to get them started and to keep them interested*.

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