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These have led to significant improved breastfeeding rates in the country.The current government has been very active in protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding through an array of policies, programmes and legislation to improve the breastfeeding environment in South Africa.This way, teens could listen to music while chatting with their friends, exchanging photos and just being teenagers.

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While smartphone usage is set to explode all over Africa, the reality is that most phones used today are still feature phones – the kind that let users access the internet and play and store music, but do not let them download apps from an app store, and lack the overall advanced functionality of a smartphone.

The Microsoft Emerging Markets team tapped Artefact to investigate how to extend the value of feature phones by understanding the needs and desires of low-income South Africans and mapping them to scenarios and opportunity areas that could narrow their technology gap.

The first breastfeeding campaign was launched in October 1987.

Several other initiatives were launched in the years that followed.

Many of them were not comfortable broaching these topics with their families due to the expected generation gap, but also because of a unique cultural gap that made these topics taboo.

Their parents had often grown up in rural villages with traditional values and had moved to urban areas, drawn by their higher economic potential post-apartheid.The human-centered design techniques we used uncovered opportunities that continue to influence the Microsoft emerging economy strategy today, developing high-function phones with limited technical storage and capabilities.There are few companies who have dedicated as many resources as Microsoft to servicing emerging markets with meaningful solutions designed for their specific social, cultural and economic contexts.High crime rates plague youth in the townships and mobile phone theft and muggings are, unfortunately, a common experience.As a result, teens were wary of using their phones on their daily commutes, which were often upwards of three hours long.Features such as listen-to-text and voice-enabled phone commands were key considerations for this experience.

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