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At the same time, it is also important to give them the ability to avoid troubles by allowing them chance to think about themselves.

-They might also suffer complex problems at home or school, so we hear backgrounds, and let them know that there are ways and people who can help them.

We talk to the media and the government about the background and troubles young girls are going through, and make society realize that it’s not the girl’s personal responsibility, but it’s an issue our society has to face and solve.

Meet Jun Tachibana who is working hard to change this terrible practice that preys on the young and vulnerable.

I first heard the story whilst interviewing teenage girls with difficulties (girls who felt that it was hard to lead their lives). At the same time, the Japanese media was also covering stories on high school dating.

When it comes to culture, Japanese men tend to see high school girls as “sexually attractive”, and Japanese society also tends to allow it.

Japanese society tends to think of child prostitution as the girls’ problem and girls are blamed instead of the man who bought them.– Need money due to poverty, abuse, running away etc… It may be because they have to keep it secret from abusers so that the money is not taken away, or because they need to go back home early to care for family instead of their parents.– Not know that there are places they can ask for help with financial or family problems.They feel that pimps and customers are the only way to help them earn money and find a place to stay.Some know it is a dangerous job, but have no other choice in order to live.If they need more help, we introduce other specialists such as lawyers, doctors or child welfare specialists.

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