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He keeps students talking, both with him and with each other.

He grades fairly, offers extra credit and always welcomes questions.

During the 2017 legislative session, Senate Bill 7 was passed in an effort to address educator misconduct and improper relationships between educators and students.

Inviting students to your home, meeting them for social activities that are not school-sponsored, or developing personal relationships with them can create the perception of inappropriate conduct.

Avoid such situations with students in the absence of previously existing social relationships with them.

A lot of people worry about the dreaded term project, the group assignments and the required attention to detail.

All of the demands of the course can seem staggering at first, and the professor might seem a little rough around the edges, but the class really isn’t all that bad.

It also is a felony for any school district employee to engage in a sexual relationship with a student, even if that student is of the legal age of consent.

This prohibition includes students enrolled in schools where the teacher is not employed.Raising your hand and offering comments in class can only help from there.If students aren’t raising their hands, Professor Simpson will continue to encourage and re-word his questions to generate involvement.Solicitation of a sexual or romantic relationship with a student also can result in adverse employment action and certificate sanctions, even if the relationship is not ultimately consummated.SB 7 expands the criminal prohibition of online solicitation of a minor to include communications between employees at a school and a student.The following was included in TCTA's 2017-18 Survival Guide, the ultimate reference tool for Texas educators, and is current as of September 2017 but is subject to change.

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