Arabic sexi vadio chat - Stories about dating violence

He was very good looking and many girls wanted to be his girlfriend.

He never had many friends who were guys and he wasn't into sports.

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He sent me text messages all day and all night long.

Sometimes he pleaded with me not to break up with him.

I told him that wasn't the way it worked and he slapped me again, harder and twisted my arm behind my back.

I was afraid to tell my Mom or anyone what happened, but I stopped going over to his house after school.

At first, he was really nice to me and always invited me over to his house after school.

He really liked cars and had a place set up in his Dad's garage where he worked on a broken down car that his Uncle had given him.

After a few months, he didn't want me to do anything with my friends.

He was possessive and jealous and would make fun of anyone who was my friend.

I am 17 now and will graduate from high school this year.

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