Sterling knight and demi lovato dating

Q: What is it like to film in front of a live studio audience? I grew up in theater, so the multi-camera sitcom with a live audience is about as close to putting on a play as you can get while still not having to rehearse for 19 weeks and then do eight shows a week, which is always kind of nice.But I really think that it makes something special out of a weird, awkward situation.Obviously because I’m there, I think the writing’s gotten a lot better [laughs].

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I mean that was fun, but I don’t know if that will ever happen professionally.

He may not want to work with me; he’s a lot more talented, especially as a dancer, than I am [laughs].

Sterling: I actually met Demi at the audition for the pilot of “Sonny with a Chance,” which is interesting given the fact that we’re both from Texas; she’s from Dallas, I’m from Houston.

But we actually met in the audition in front of all of the producers and writers and all the scary people in suits.

So it’s been really exciting to finally get to work with somebody that I’ve known for so long.

We have a really great relationship, both personally and professionally.

So I think my favorite part is Zander is just a genuinely good person and it’s hard to get mad at him or dislike him in any way.

My least favorite part is probably that he’s an artist, simply because I can’t draw a stick figure very well but I have to pretend I’m making these amazing sketches and photos.

Everybody has their own kind of style, but I don’t know, Joey probably makes me laugh more than anybody.

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