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State offices of the USDA also offer assistance at local levels, and some have broader eligibility requirements.

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Whether you love the house you’re currently in or have plans to build a home that’s more accommodating to your disability, there are many different home modifications you can choose to implement.

If you have stairs in your household but depend on the use of a wheelchair, a beneficial modification might be a chairlift.

The Think Alive Achievement Grant is designed for youths 21 and under to help them accomplish their goals.

This can be used for minor home modifications up to $500 in cost that is meant to help children achieve a specific goal.

For many individuals, purchasing a home is only half the battle, since the nature of someone’s disability can impact many areas of life – including the way he or she accesses, maneuvers through, and enjoys activities at home.

That’s where the option of home modification comes into play.If you became disabled while on duty, this organization may help you in effectively updating your home to meet your new needs.The Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) provides financial assistance for qualified soldiers, veterans and their families for a variety of expenses.The goal of this group focuses on helping Army members maintain their independence, which can be aided by necessary home modifications. Org seeks to offer support to individuals and families who need assistance, but don’t qualify as being “low-income” households.Their goal is to help ensure that families living just above the poverty line don’t have to spend their last dollar on necessities like adaptable home repairs.Different organizations will have different requests on what to include in your personal application.

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