Starview updating

Both axes are microprocessor-controlled and due to this remote operation ability over the serial port is possible.

The CCD cameras used during the experimental phase is a Quickcam.

In addition, the Internet developer toolkit is used.

starview updating-40

This software package (Webcam) uses different methods of controlling and requesting images over the WWW. The location of the image is implemented in the response from the telescope CGI application and the latest image gets loaded to the Web browser.

Second the software is setup as an additional HTTP server on the server computer.

The setup consists of a telescope, a CCD camera, a server computer, standard software, and an Internet connection.

The telescope used is a Meade twelve-inch Schmidt Cassegrain Model LX200.

A different port number (81) is used to avoid conflicts with the Lab VIEW server.

Each time a request is send to the HTTP server a new image is responded.The camera is mounted on the telescope and connected the parallel port (Quickcam).Figure 1 shows a diagram of the experimental setup.In figure 4 an example is shown where Lab VIEW HTTP server using the TCP/IP port 80 and Webcam HTTP server using TCP/IP port 81 are both running on the server computer.The number of server software packages running on the server (the complexity of the system) can be hidden to the end user.All connections were made on a low cost base with standard software to keep maintenance to a minimum.

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