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However, he has this on a halt as he learns that Tanya is expecting their son.

He leaves Stacey and she reunites with Bradley, later marrying.

Devastated, Tanya slaps Stacey and Bradley ends their marriage again for six months.

It stated 'The defendant, on or about January 27, 2015, did and with the intent of arousing the sexual desire of defendant or another person, expose her genitals; contrary to statute and against the peace and dignity of the State of Oregon.'An Oregon State Police media/desk log written by Trooper Christopher Graves said 'On January 27, 2015 at approximately pm I was tasked to looking into a complaint of a video of a female that was posted to a pornographic site claiming that the solo act that was being performed occured [sic] in the Oregon State University library.

I was able to identify the suspect as the female [redacted].

[on informing her family about her porn career] When I called my mom and told her what I was doing she was like, "Well, I guess I can't ground you and send you to your room"...

" I said, "Very." She said, "Well, that's what I've always hoped for you is to be safe and happy, so...

Stacey is uncertain and secretly continues having birth control pills. She has a one-night stand with Callum, which leads to them dating.

They split, however, over his harsh treatment of her mother.

After hours of pleading with Bradley, she finally gives up and after doing so, their romance sours.

Bradley calls time on his relationship with Stacey when she embarrasses him at a work party.

arrives in Walford in November 2004, to move in with her great-uncle Charlie (Derek Martin) after being thrown out by her mother Jean (Gillian Wright).

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