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This is a large group time when a speaker teaches on a topic such as fruits of the spirit, dating, or learning how to use the Bible.

Some people imagine that this tenet of our faith is a reference to those canonized models of Christian living, also known as “Saints” (with a capital “S”).

However, the fuller meaning of the term is much more capacious than folks typically consider.

What made this this particular exhibit remarkable was not just the diversity of themes and mediums, but the way they melded together into a larger narrative which challenged typical narratives of queer and Indigenous lives marred by tragedy, violence or hopelessness.

A particularly stunning tribute to what Anishinaabe theorist and author Gerald Vizenor dubs “survivance,” which strings together resilience, refusal and a continuity from generation to generation, were the beautiful button blanket–styled portraits of John Powell.

It was adopted by consensus at a conference in the 1990s to replace the degrading anthropological term “berdache,” which was derived from a term roughly translated from “male prostitute.” However, depending on who you ask, “Two-Spirit” goes beyond a gender-identity or sexual-orientation label; it can often signal a person’s position in their community and their spiritual role within it.

In this way, the term harkens back to a time when, before residential schools and the Indian Act, many Indigenous cultures recognized and celebrated people who didn’t necessarily conform to labels like “man” or “woman,” or who had sexual and romantic partnerships with people of the same sex.

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All the faithful, scattered though they be throughout the world, are in communion with each other in the Holy Spirit, and so, he who dwells in Rome knows that the people of India are his members ( We profess in the Creed that, as a people of faith, we believe in “the communion of saints.” But what does that mean?

Alongside those greetings was a statement from the curator of the exhibition, Adrian Stimson.

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