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Robert Smith: "I got him [Zahi Hawass] a scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania in Egyptology, to get his Ph D.

I got the scholarship through an ARE person who happened to be on the Fulbright scholarship board." Hawass strongly denies this, though it is a fact that he was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania through this scholarship.

The key question was whether it held any undiscovered, or purposefully kept hidden, chambers, whether inside the pyramids or under or near the Sphinx.

While Egypt has some satellites in orbit, Hosni did not specifically identify the source of these images, though he said that the project to photograph monuments via satellite was being implemented in collaboration with the Egyptian National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS) and Mubarak City for Scientific Research for the aerial photography and ground-based laser surveys. The above operational framework was in evidence in April 2009, when Hawass reported: "Under my direction, the Supreme Council of Antiquities is working to reduce the groundwater level around antiquities sites throughout Egypt.

We have completed a USAID-funded effort to de-water Karnak and Luxor temples, and work is underway in many other places.

It's clever, because it makes it appear as if he is fighting the Egyptian cause and he won't be pushed aside." The source also noted: "The SCA follows the orders of foreigners from whom it has received help in guarding their interests." Indeed, though one might think that the Egyptians are in control of their own country, archaeologically speaking, that appearance can be deceptive.

The "puppet master" organisation is the American Research Center in Egypt.

Anyone who visits Egypt and follows Egyptology sees this first-hand. They have chosen an ignoramus, have flattered him, given him a Ph D through the ARCE.

He's a puppet." Pressed as to why that is, the source added: "So that the secrets will not get out and that they have the best archaeological concessions.

One of our greatest recent successes has been the development of a system to prevent the Great Sphinx at Giza from getting its paws wet!

" Rather intriguingly, he added in his report titled "The Story of the Sphinx": "Perhaps the most important result of the groundwater project was that it enabled us to put to rest speculation about mysterious underground tunnels and chambers carved below the Sphinx by 'ancient civilizations'.

For years, I have debated people like John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, and Graham Hancock, who say that survivors of a lost civilization 10,000 years ago left secrets buried beneath the Sphinx.

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