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The famous press cameras of Graflex were made in a number of variants and in several formats. When the cut film holder is inserted, it pushes the focusing screen assembly back slightly.

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The way I see it, whoever designed them must have had a rather dark sense of humor.

I know one photog who had his Super for five years before he found out how to swing the lens---and then it was by accident!

Unfortunately, it is a very small mid 1950's lens of mediocre performance by today's standards.

Modern 75 and 65 4x5 wides angle lenses are much larger, and won't mount on the Super, but many modern 90's will.

The most practical solution may be having the mounting hardware made at your local machine shop. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders.is to use the Linhof Technika variable 90-360 viewfinder.Just replace the Graflex viewfinder mount on the top of the camera with one from a Technika. While Tech viewfinders are not so hard to find used for about 5, the mounting hardware is. This means you may NOT copy and re-use the text or the pictures in ANY other internet or printed publication of ANY kind.Graflex went all out to make it as "Super" as possible--possibly a little too far when it comes to deciphering its obscure controls.since they are unmarked and difficult to figure out.It came complete with several film holders and a flash.

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