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Chiang Mai seemed perfect, it's cheap, the weather is fantastic, there are great co-working spaces, the food is incredible and there are tons of other entrepreneurs to meet and network with.

I've heard of other hubs such as Berlin, Germany and Bali, Indonesia but none of them had the appeal of living in Thailand in terms of balance.

In either city, you can also find places that are much more than that but these are nice places in good locations that are decent finds. Both cities have great food and both have a wonderful selection of local food as well as expat friendly western food which everyone ends up missing if you've been living in Asia for over six months.

Also included is a short article on the famous “Doolittle Raid” contributed by one of the tour attendees, who happens to be a Board member of the AMTA organization. Kent based his comments on a compilation of facts and ideas from his own reading, research, as well as on details provided on the National Museum of the United States Air Force website (

We saw the Wright Brothers 1909 Military Flyer shown below.

L'usine was my favorite lunch spot and the beef stew at M2C Cafe was incredible.

This was a close call as both have great restaurants, and Saigon has better Japanese food than Chiang Mai, but overall the restaurants in Chiang Mai are slightly better and are cheaper.

First off, if you are somewhere cold, expensive and don't meet other entrepreneurs at least on a weekly basis, get off your butt, book your flight and come to either hub.

You'll be better off in either city especially if you are bootstrapping your business and wanting to live cheaply while having free time to build your business.However there are both upsides and downsides to each city which I'll highlight in today's post.Chiang Mai is at least 25% cheaper than Saigon, which by the way is officially named Ho Chi Minh City.I've been here for over a year and am still finding new favorites all of the time, especially if you are making a western wage and can afford to venture out into normal US prices.My favorite restaurants include high end Thai restaurants that cost around per dish, to the Carvery Buffet at Kantary Hills Hotel that gives you all you can eat New Zealand Lamb, Baked Salmon and Prime Rib for US. Good Vietnamese food to great Japanese food and a few all you can eat buffets scattered around as well.Street Food: If you're eating local food at stalls or stands the options in Vietnam are mostly Pho which is Beef Noodle Soup, Banh Mi which is Vietnamese Sandwiches and pre-prepared food. The small upper hand goes to Chiang Mai for having more Paleo friendly street food and more variety.

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