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Imagine how much easier it would be with a four-legged friend by your side.

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What I really wanted to do was bring something special to our home and community.

I am a woman who enjoys being in a loving relationship and also enjoy doing the same things, I enjoy drinking wine, movies, road trips, cooking, going to the ocean, and l am also very affectionate and would like a woman who enjoys doing the same things together. I am excited to make new friends, begin dating again, and marry my Twin Flame! meeting (you)/her and many wonderful souls along the way! I am SUPER spiritual, excited to be starting my spiritual healing business; and, am currently in the health care field working in home health. I currently live in yucca valley im looking for in a relationship is im hoping long term if it works out. ^^; IT'S OKAY TO CRY WHEN DOCTOR WHO MAKES YOU SAD! I'll be starting college soon to become either an ICU nurse or perhaps look into surgery. much of the time and I always choose to stick to my morals and beliefs, even if they may get me in trouble. I'm that crazy, random friend that gets random ideas of something incredibly stupid, but oh so very fun to do. Things I can’t live without: yoga; the mountains; freshly ground coffee in the morning (with cream); sex that ‘takes me to paradise’ (as Bruno Mars says); and my quirky friends and family.

I also love spending time working on what ever creative endeavor captures my attention.

I really love my friends and family and truly value and appreciate my close relationships.

I really felt like this event was so grand that I came out with a renewed love for cons and cosplay.

Not to mention that I was a COSPLAY GUEST with a booth, panel, and everything!

: What were some of the most challenging things doing it the first time? : What was the driving force behind wanting to bring Comic Con here? Not many Comic Cons have all the special events that we have.

CS: When we had a two-hour wait for people to get in on both Friday and Saturday. I don’t think people were aware of the expectations of this event. CS: I have a big background in entertainment and in this part of the industry.

Taking place at the Palm Springs Convention center, attendees are greeted and kept entertained with a marching band at the entrance and in line for con passes.

Last year, Comic Con Palm Springs floor was occupied by celebrity guest booths, vendors, artists, and in the far end, the food court…but this year, they just didn’t have enough room in the same space and had to expand.

But in 2016, Spellman, a valley resident, seemed to pull off something magical in the freshman outing.

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