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And all the amazing quotes that Samantha dryly delivered?

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Six seasons and 94 episodes later it ended, and I remember shedding a tear as I bid farewell to Carrie et al. (I know, I know, there were 2 movies, but the less said about those the better, eh?

) Do you remember playing the game, ‘Which SATC character are you?

"Encounters" tells the story of several very different persons who get brought together during an evening of speed dating.

Their get-together is followed by a series of events for every one of them that shows, how strangers become familiar and sometimes strangers again. Speed dating is, of course, a background that makes it easy to connect different characters and bring them into interaction.

While I think that most characters were very nicely displayed and created with a lot of sensitivity, some points of the plot remained rather strange to me.

The band, for example, or the non-speaking guy somehow break with the realism of the film, maybe to create some comedy or an element of distraction, but for me they didn't work that well.

It burst onto our screens, a complete breath of fresh air, towering in its heels over all its competitors.

Finally we had a show that women could champion, where we called the shots and then drank them.

Shoppen is basically a movie that offers some cheap laughters (mostly because it is about sex and relationships, I assume) and maybe some short entertainment.

Still, the whole picture is one big stereotype and nothing is really special about it.

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