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From its Cyclops LED headlamp like a Victorian policeman's bullseye, to its vertical rear window like a London Hansom cab, the i-Road is racing cert for any remake of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials. Chief engineer Akihiro Yanaka admits there is work still to be done on refining the relationship between the powered tilting mechanism, the rear-wheel steering and the speed, but considering the stability of this tilting, tandem-seat trike is entirely dependent on electronic algorithms, it's surprising how much confidence it inspires.

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It feels dainty as you climb in and close the vestigial door bar.

There's an accelerator and brake and a conventional, squared-off steering wheel, with push-buttons to select drive, reverse or park, next to a simple liquid crystal display giving information on the drive selected, vehicle speed and battery charge.

You'll be able to book one via your smartphone or laptop and hire charges for a typical five-mile journey will be about £4.

It's almost worth a visit to Grenoble just to have a go, I vouchsafe you'll be as charmed as I was.

Narrow width and manoeuvrability are the main features.

Just 33.5 inches wide, i-ROAD sits between a scooter and a large motorbike in size, with all the inner-city agility that implies.

Its movement, a series of swooping darts, recalls a dragonfly's graceful flight through sultry airs.

Its silent passage seems otherworldly and its appearance pure steampunk.

Push Drive and the little trike surges gently forward against its brakes, eager to be off.

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