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The topic was raised in 1957, only two years following the opening of the Canso Causeway, and at the same time as another mega-project, the St. A rockfill causeway was proposed to cross Abegweit Passage, with a 300 m (984 ft) bridge/tunnel to accommodate shipping.

Before its official naming, Prince Edward Islanders often referred to the bridge as the "Fixed Link".

Construction took place from October 1993 to May 1997 The bridge is a two-lane toll bridge that carries the Trans-Canada Highway between Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island (at Route 1) and Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick (at Route 16).

The unsatisfactory winter steamship service and reliance upon primitive iceboats provoked complaints from the Island government until the federal government decided to implement a railcar ferry service across Abegweit Passage between new ports at Port Borden and Cape Tormentine.

In 1912, the federal government promised to open a car ferry between the "Capes" (Cape Traverse, PEI to Cape Tormentine, NB).

The federal government favoured the construction of a fixed link chiefly because of the rising costs of providing ferry service (a constitutional requirement dating from PEI's accession to Confederation) and the increasing deficits being incurred by the railway system on PEI (run as part of Canadian National, then a Crown corporation).

The federal government proposed to provide a fixed subsidy for the construction and operation of a fixed link, in return for the province agreeing to the abandonment of the ferry service and the railway system.

Other ferry fares include .00 per adult pedestrian, .00 per motorcycle, and .00 per bicycle.

Travellers, whether entering the island by bridge and leaving by ferry or vice versa only pay for leaving the island.

The new ferry entered service in 1915 and operated on the former steamship routes until port facilities were opened in October 1917.

Automobile service was added in 1938 and other vessels followed as the ferry service expanded in the post-war years.

Various proposals for a fixed link across the Northumberland Strait can be traced as far back as the 1870s when the province's railway system was developed.

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