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As if expleted from the mouth of a streetwise gazelle. As in, hit my head on it, rather than voluntarily gone inside to make a purchase.

We're the multi-tasking sex, so a study revealing women are packing more than ever into a working day is of no suprise.

What is enlightening, however, is the new trend in dating that's emerging because of it.

This was the best girl I'd ever met on an online date and I was on the worst form of my life.

I'd found the needle in the hay, then carelessly dropped it down a manhole. I was glad actually because I was beginning to feel physically sick, a combination of alcohol and dismay at my badly timed social ineptitude, but it didn't bode well for my chances securing a second date.

Still, I was waiting for her to say or do something unappealing.

But the more we chatted, the more pleasant surprises unfolded.

Some sites will choose to use the data to directly match their users with each other based on their personality traits, interests or attitudes.

Others will use data to find the location of their customers, wherever and whenever they may be interested in finding love.

Sure, she looked alright in her profile but I knew there would be something wrong.

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