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Anybody who is single nowadays is either A) happy to be on their own, B) incredibly picky or C) a poet.

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Belfast is a small place after all and not all your exes are necessarily pleased to see you, especially within the claustrophobic confines of a speed dating encounter. When I blithely offered to attend the QFT’s rather spiffy movie-themed singles night on behalf of , none of these rather dreadful propositions occurred.

As the hour drew ever closer, however, the creeping sense of existential dread took over.

To be fair, my friends’ ‘fight or flight’ instinct turns out to be a perfectly predictable male response in the face of such public exposure.

QFT press officer and singles-night organiser Sarah Hughes explained to me the difficulties in getting men to sign up, something that was certainly evidenced during the evening by the uneven gender balance and the rather sinister/hilarious ‘holding area’ for spare women – where they waited until a table became available.

A bit like a blind date but with the people who set it up also being present to oversee the blossoming relationship of mutual friends. Many people view dating as a single persons pursuit, but a new website has carved a niche for itself setting up people who want to have their cake and eat it.

Cigarette girl is a striking addition to Belfast by night.

One friend in particular made the ultimate sacrifice, forfeiting watching a ‘crucial’ Northern Ireland match to accompany me.

It was a touching and - if you’ll pardon the expression - loin-girding gesture, the classically celebrated love two men can have for each other where one gives up his Saturday footie to accompany the other to a 35-50 singles night.

Nearly every woman I spoke to had brought a friend and almost all said it was their first time.

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