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Robert Bales and what appears to be a calculated slaughter on March 11, 2012, of 16 Afghan civilians, nine of them children.

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For similar arguments, see also Weigel's "The Just War Case for the War". This essay comes from the April 2006 First Things and attempts to "offer a just war defense of the moral probity" of the war in light of all that we know to this point. See also Bishop Wilton Gregory on the responsibilities that the United States now has to the people of Iraq as a result of occupying their country. See, especially, chapter 2: "The Problem with Torture." Why torture doesn't work: This essay by a neuroscientist argues that the use of techniques of torture doesn't reliably deliver the information that motivates the torturer because of how the brain works under the stress of what's inflicted. listview=0# The Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International: The TASSC was founded by and for torture survivors.

Its mission is to end the practice of torture and to assist survivors and their families.

If it wasn’t food one hundred years ago, don’t consider it food today.

New foods also have new drugs and chemicals in them in amounts that are harmful to the body.

Before viewing my diet suggestions, please understand that health begins with what you eliminate from your diet, not with what you add.

The first step in recovery and healing is to remove the problem foods from your diet.Non-violence in the wake of bin Laden's killing: Fr.John Dear makes the point that Barack Obama is as wrong about Christianity as Osama bin Laden was about Islam.I tell everyone to be weary of eating these foods, especially foods without an expiration date.Healthy food is supposed to spoil after a few weeks, even a month. Its most likely very processed with many chemicals and other drugs to prolong the shelf life of the food while shortening the life of your body.Alternatives to War with Iraq: This website of the Joan B. Bryan Hehir argues that a war against Iraq would not satisfy just war norms. Mc Elroy Part I and Part II: good treatment from 2007 about how just war norms should now apply to the conflict in Iraq. Mc Elroy gives particular attention to the criterion of proportionality and how advocates for the war now use it in ways they avoided before the war. It also says that while hurting Assad helps his enemies, some of those groups are U. It was ratified by the United States Senate in 1994, and contains a definition of torture in Article 1.

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