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This was especially devastating since he already had lost his only brother, Michael, in 2007.

"He was sad about his mom," says ­guitarist Nick Maybury, 33, who replaced Brown in The Wildabouts.

"For the last couple of years, he was doing pretty great." Then, on The Wildabouts' 2015 spring tour, Weiland's behavior became scarily ­unrecognizable.

Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Late Scott Weiland It had been five years since Weiland's once-wildly-popular grunge band Stone Temple Pilots reunited to release a 2010 self-titled LP, which hit No.

2 on the Billboard 200, and two since STP fired him for announcing a solo tour of its ­greatest hits without the band's blessing.

"At one point, it was so bad I had to move out because he was unstable." They found one ­medication that worked, but Weiland gained 40 pounds, so he stopped taking it.

Eventually they found a medication that leveled him out.

"He would be on the couch with a drink, smoking and watching whatever mindless television," she remembers.

"I started to see he had ­paranoia and some of the bipolar stuff started to come out." He kept his curtains closed all the time.

But it turned out that his prescribed dosage of the ­antipsychotic drug Geodon was too high.

"I thought that he had some rapid-onset version of Parkinson's or something," says Jamie, who toured ­intermittently with her husband.

At the same time, Weiland was ­experiencing episodes of paranoia and mania caused by his bipolar disorder.

After a March show at Boston's Brighton Music Hall, Weiland hosted a disastrous VIP meet-and-greet session, heckling one fan with "Let's suck a dick!

At a tour stop in San Diego, Weiland broke down crying on the street before soundcheck.

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