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AUGUST 27, 2008 ⢠Gunwitch, of Way of hangs out on the show ⢠Where Hugh Grant be at?

⢠DHV's, LBC's and R2D's ⢠Blog Jews ⢠Gun and Barry discuss: Baback Obama, Tyler leaving RSD, Creepy Lairs and Style ⢠Gun has been in 75 to 100 fights and won 95% of them.

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Yoda) ⢠Levi: his dad tells us he's sleeping, high voicemail ⢠Listener email EPISODE #64 TUES.

AUGUST 26, 2008 ⢠Janene and Stefan sit in on the show ⢠Biccardi Breezer in a Breeze ⢠How I could have fixed the Savoy Interview ⢠Janene plays Fuck/Marry/Kill ⢠What?

SEP 24, 2008 ⢠nfm, Forum Poster, hates everything - I want you as a guest on the show ⢠brings you straight to the Forum ⢠Thunderblob Illustration, by Sergio ⢠Style has sex with Pita's ⢠n3rv1 Interview: Angry, Gunwitch, Style, Papa had a $60,000.00 a year allowance, A girl pours a drink on Papa's Head, In 2002 when they first met in real life n3rv1 challenged Tyler to a fight ⢠n3rv1 tells his 2 1/2 year love that he can't be monogamous ⢠The DHV Life Rapper tells the World about his smash hit song, "DHV Life" EPISODE #81 THURS.

SEP 25, 2008 ⢠Janene hangs out on the show and discusses everything you've been talking about ⢠nfm, come on the show.

Going in the forest with his friend and pretending to be women, then fucking each others chests with their cocks ⢠21 ⢠The story of Barry's first masturbation ⢠Urinating after Masturbating (Hardened Cum in Cock-Hole Edition) ⢠Listen to Dare's Music at: Dare Musik EPISODE #77 THURS.

SEP 18, 2008 ⢠Do Dee Do Dee Do (Sergio Remix) ⢠Sinn of Sinns Of and Sinns Of Attraction Blogspot hangs out on the show ⢠Style Stories Gallore!I hate that ⢠Interview with Jack Coxwell, of My PUA ⢠Dare takes a poop while doing the show ⢠Random Mexican ⢠Dare sends me too many emails ⢠I'm a Bully ⢠Dare talks about: a.His friend stroking his cock to teach him how to masturbate b.Doug Stanhope, Gunwitch, Mr Right, Cool Kev, Janene, David X, Stefan, Amy Jo, Sparky Fett, Ghita Jones, Carlos Xuma, David Wygant, Levi, Greg, Sinn, Joseph went south, Thunderblob, Dare, Christiano, Stephen Nash, Cameron Teone EPISODE #63 MON.AUGUST 25, 2008 ⢠Barry and Stefan about talk their Heavy Metal days ⢠Levi, a listener, might be going to jail ⢠Pickup Podcast steal Sean Stephenson ⢠Barry gets on Stefan's case ⢠Jordan and AJ broadcast from an actual cave ⢠The Show calls Stefan's brother ⢠Deepthroat joins the show ⢠Thundersplat ⢠Jorge's Music Video ⢠Sean Messenger, Jays game, Flake ⢠The Mexican Lair is getting publicity ⢠Tyler leaves RSD ⢠Jorge's favorite song, but with English Subtitles (There's Sawdust and Pizza.⢠Steve talks about his family ⢠Tyler and Papa claimed Steve and Sickboy007 stole their Mailing List emails!

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