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Keep in mind that you can easily scare a cougar off if she feels like you want to own her.While there are some cougars who want to engage in long term relationships with younger men, most of them are in it for the fun and do not want any strings attached.

One these two avenues to snag a cougar, the most preferred is the bar method as you have the pleasure of meeting your cougar in person.

Online photos can be deceiving so use caution when choosing a woman from an online dating site.

In addition, you never want to place too much emphasis on your difference in age.

Yes, a cougar woman wants a younger man but she does not want to be constantly reminded about this.

You will at some point need to discuss these matters if you plan to take the relationship to a sexual level (of course you do) for sexual safety reasons.

However, doing it on your first couple of dates is tasteless.

Remember that cougars are at their sexual prime and so they are looking for a man who can keep up.

A cougar woman usually wants a fun loving, carefree guy who is willing to try anything.

Remember, your youth is what she is looking for to begin with.

Do not try to act like someone you are not in order to impress her for this will surely backfire on you.

She may even be in a relationship now with someone who drives her mad.

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