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Sometimes my authentic self isn’t at all what a woman is looking for, and sometimes she’s not what I’m out shopping for. Expressing your feelings still requires respect for the other person.

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For the first time, the participants see whom they’ve been dating. After they’ve finally seen each other in the light for the first time, they each have to make a difficult decision.

Do they want to get to know each other even better, or do they walk away?

And before we have to spend the whole weekend swiping left on tinder until our phone battery dies, and our batteries can’t be recharged (because, well…

no electricity), we’re offering all the singles out there a different kind of dating experience…

At some point, I turned into the adult in the room. We will typically do almost anything to avoid confronting the emotions we’ve so carefully locked into the darkest recesses of our soul. And sometimes we’re drunk or sober, and the decision is just fine. It’s not OK to sexually assault your partner, and it’s not OK to cajole your partner into sex he or she doesn’t want. Kids are learning about the birds and the bees from Pornhub.

I didn’t notice it either, and it scares me just as much as it does you, trust me. Unfortunately, men have ruined on-line dating for both sexes. They’re happy to treat dating as an opportunity to grab as many pussies as they can, with or without consent. Either way, this “walk of shame” bullshit needs to stop. College campuses are havens for sexual assault, and there is little effort to curb the abuse. Vulnerability, authenticity, and communication can pave the way for great things.

At this stage of my life, I require authenticity in any relationship I have.

I’m much more comfortable around women than I am men.

In each episode, three single men and three single women move into a house together.

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