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If none of these things help to bring your computer back to life, then it may be time to purchase a new computer or resign yourself to waiting and relish the time to enjoy one more cup of coffee.

One program that shouldn't slow you down is your security program!

AV-Comparatives published their Performance Test Report recently, and Avast Free Antivirus was at the top of the list compared to 19 other solutions, most of them paid versions.

Since is one of Avast’s company pillars, we take pride in the fact that our products will not slow you down – and one of the most respected testing agencies around has confirmed that with their test.

You can reclaim some space by emptying the trash, moving video, audio, and image files to the cloud, or deleting stuff you don’t use anymore, but that seldom makes a big difference unless you are adept at searching the bowels of our machine for unwanted computer files.

Everytime you write an email, modify an image, or edit a document, files are fragmented and re-distributed on the hard disk.

When you turn on your computer in the morning, do you have enough time to brew a cup of coffee while it starts up?

Is your PC so tired that you can take a walk around the block waiting for a program to open?

It’s worth noting that , which comes free with Windows 10 installations, came in last with the highest system impact compared to other antivirus products.

We recommend that Windows 10 users install Avast Free Antivirus which provides significantly stronger protection with negligible system impact than Windows Defender.

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