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Six months later I was begged by my supervisor to “temporarily” fill a gap in the small nursery/NICU.

As those who know me can figure out, that “temporary” reassignment became my passion!

I did try to be a tennis player one year, and had a few shining moments, but sports was never my forte. By the time I entered my senior year my step-father was battling his third year of cancer.

Now he lives about 8 hours from me, along with other Hudson relatives, which is wonderful!

When I was nine a dear elderly lady named Rozella, who served as a nanny/grandma/babysitter to many children in our community, fell and broke her arm and hip.

It was during that period when two life altering events occurred: One, I decided I wanted to be a nurse, and unlike many young girls who later change their minds a dozen times, I never did.

Two, with Rozella I began attending church on a regular basis (my family wasn’t overly religious) and when I was ten I gave my life to Christ.

I, however, was left all alone for the last year of college.

That was rough, but not too bad since I had loads of friends and was wholly immersed into my education anyway.

Yet I was also a girlie-girl who loved dolls and dresses. My father, Ed Hudson, returned to the South when I was about four.

We remained close, and I was fortunate to see him a few times during my growing up years.

My birthday is on Sunday, so according to the laws of the universe that means the entire weekend is focused exclusively on ME! Then, perhaps I can talk my husband into visiting a couple antique stores I love!

On Saturday I will make the trek to Louisville for the monthly meeting of my Romance Writers of America chapter. While in the city maybe I’ll gorge myself on Indian cuisine at our favorite restaurant, Shalimar.

I had the grades for it (a 3.9 GPA when I graduated) and won several scholarships.

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