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Vdechoval jsem vůně spousty čistého, ale, jak jsem si všimnul už jen podle velikosti, většinou už léto nenošenéh... Nebylo divu, byl takový ten den akorát na spaní, venku jemně a hustě pršelo.

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I believe in truthfulness, respect and honoring those that deserve ....

At all my parties I ask my girls to write down their signature scent! That means if Pink Paradise is your favorite, you can get it in our ultra popular Coochy Shave Cream, body dew, KISS, body wash, and body silk body butter. Even as I am writing this article, I am still in the red from an awful traffic event that added 11 minutes to my route into work. Hey, might as well make this a Pure Romance party and invite all your girls! Best to do this on a Friday or Saturday night (or you’ll be doomed to another grumpy, sleep-deprived day at work).

I can’t be upset when Wilson-Phillips comes on, I know that much! Keep your tan glowing through the end of summer w/ these fabulous summertime products tips. Make a list of actionable, practical, reasonable ways you can improve your situation Who can you talk to? Mine is my favorite band, it makes me so happy to see an action shot of the lead singer every time I open my laptop. 🙂 When you find something you like, ask for a sample, tuck it in your pocket and use it for the next week. everyone loves mail, and thats great karma to put into the Universe! It will be the fuel to your fire for weeks and months to come! My name is Angela Rose, and I am a Senior consultant with Pure Romance. My girls love theme nights such as Massage Monday Wine Wednesday.

How could you NOT take a break, relax in the water, and feel so satisfied and happy afterwards!? Spice up an otherwise boring work day with your favorite Pandora or Spotify playlist! Brightening someone else’s day just automatically brightens yours! Much like changing your hair style or color, small tweaks to your scene can be huge! Truly Sexy Flirt has an uplifting scent of grapefruit and vanilla to increase your happy factor! Whether it’s to tell them thank you, let them know you are thinking of them, or something a little deeper… Except, it's a little different with me, as I teach you about sexual health, and show you how these Pure Romance products can transform your confidence and sex life! I work a full-time job that I LOVE, and am happy that I can make MY OWN SCHEDULE with Pure Romance that doesn't interfere.

You can also stock up on our Truly Sexy Flirt for a limited time. It only comes to us twice a year in a gorgeous bottle of perfume, Coochy, Body Dew, hand creme, and our BRAND NEW body shimmer.

As Pure Romance prepares for the *New* Fall product launch, some items are getting the boot!

Stumbling across a waterfall at the Greenbelt in Austin last week after a long hike was so rewarding! Pretend this music is the soundtrack to the movie of your life. Has anyone else heard that 7 seconds is the perfect length of time for a hug!? Doing things for others – especially unexpected things – always improves my mood. Pure Romance’s amazing sisterhood is a great way to get a little cheer and support when you’re feeling down. What about the beach, or your fav vacation spot, something motivational! Much like other in-home party companies, like Pampered Chef and Mary Kay, I come into your home for a night of fun laughs with you and your girlfriends.

My good friend says, “nature = happy” and it’s so true! Think about how you can decorate your home in that theme, what dishes you can prepare, and what you will wear… It’s an amazing workout and you’ll be so, so proud of yourself when you get to the top! Load up your i Pod with new music go for a walk through your favorite park or city streets. You might find it more comfortable or form a new sweet spot 😉 Visit a favorite arts and craft store and make a friend a surprise package. Search for the silver lining or a way that you can take ownership of your current situation. What about a photo of your friends laughing hysterically or an image that just makes you smile?

All our amazing scents have pheromones for that added flare and once you find your scent you can stock up on it in our entire spa line. XO, [email protected] moods sneak up on us, and can be difficult to shake! Maybe that’s popping quarters in an expired parking meter or just holding the door for someone, or letting them cut the line. A good friend (and maybe a nice carby plate of pasta) can lift your spirits like no other.

Right now, I am LOVING our brand new scent, Exotic Jewell, which has plum and jasmine and smells exactly like Dolce and Gabbana. Some scents also have bonus items, like our Love Story featured at the bottom right of the picture, also comes in our Between the Sheets, sensual powdered spray.

Invite all your good girlfriends and some new ladies, too!

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