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Use various compliments and phrases to gain progress.

Some phrases become available as the game progresses.

I think it rather breaks the premise of the game to have a random bit where she flashes her pussy even if you haven't done anything to impress her yet.

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For example if she's fully dressed you're obviously not allowed to ask about her pussy, etc.

But once she's down to just her underwear she may want to talk about it or show it, etc.

riderio 06/16/2016 1 year ago kiss Cheeky monkey...

I know, I've got a great ass nice ass Thank you! i'm strocking my cock for you No worries, I'm happy you find me hot.

A game like this could benefit a huge deal from step by step undressing, it builds up tension.

It can also be a way of making certain reactions more intuitive.

After that you might get her to show her boobs (right plural!

) which actually works twice and pushes you beyond the magic barrier of 90% so you can actually ask her to strip which she does (and it doesn't end the game )! she always said I needed to be nicer to her for that...

There should be something to ensure that what you say is not a complete guess. she wants to gossip, but I can't figure out how or about what.

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