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She gave me a hug and quickly ran back to a small, makeshift studio outfitted with green fabric and a series of four cameras that would capture her movements in real-time and display them on the four sides of the rotating pyramid on the show floor.

I was placed in front of a microphone, pointed directly at the display, with a vibrating saddle donning a fleshy silicone nub at my feet and a petite fuck machine thrusting into thin air just behind me.

In talking about the hologram and the company's more practical pursuit of 360-degree live video, CEO Daron Lundeen employs the Silicon Valley cliché, "fail fast, fail often.""We're the site that's gonna experiment," Lundeen told me.

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I was fully expecting an industry stuck in the past, but hoping for something more.

When I arrived, AVN CEO Tony Rios greeted me and quickly assured me that despite what I might have heard, the show was bigger and better than ever.

The suite had an AVN-branded bowling lane and a giant, raised en-suite bath.

I had the strange sensation of being on the defunct set of an MTV reality show now serving as the late-night playground for porn's biggest stars.

To the right of the booth is a series of experiments from the Cam Soda labs.

The crown jewel, like some outsize precious stone, is an inverted, rotating glass pyramid that appears to have a tiny stripper trapped inside.Women in plunging Cam Soda-branded bathing suits line a horseshoe-shaped arrangement of tables.Some of the site's most successful models are here signing autographs and performing for audiences at home at the same time.And like their mainstream counterparts, Cam Soda realizes iteration is key.In the space of a year, it introduced live 360-degree sex shows, an "i Tunes for blow jobs" and, most recently, Oh Roma, a VR peripheral that lets you smell your porn.He took us up to the "Real World" suite, where a 2011 season of the MTV show was shot.

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