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When it comes to social networks everyone is equal, regardless of location.

Family members living abroad can be kept abreast of the latest happenings in your world as quickly as those living next door.

But social networking sites offer a chance to communicate in a speedy and efficient manner.

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If this isn’t the case, then you may want to find new friends.

The point is that by all of us sharing our experiences, both good and bad, on social networking sites, we’re able to empathize with each other.

Friends you haven’t seen since school, and who have since moved away, are able to keep in touch.

While location-based services such as Foursquare and Swarm put an emphasis on your location, social networking as a whole means it has become a lot less important. But there is another side to the story, which is that people are moving onto other, perhaps better, relationships.

Because there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the effect social networks are having on us all in this day and age.

It has never been easier to make friends than it is right now.

Keeping key personal information private is necessary, but sharing your likes and dislikes, interests and obsessions, and thought and views actually contributes to an open society.

Social networking sites make fitting in easier, as long as you open up a little.

Social networks have the power to open the world up to you, making it a smaller place than it has ever been before.

So much so that I actually haven’t a clue where many of my contacts reside.

This does require the sharing of information, and giving up a certain amount of privacy.

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