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And then, as the climax neared, I thought I heard a few weird sounds... It was then I realized that Jack had taken screenshots of me.

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Sextexting chat

Parents have taken note and jumped to educate their tweens and teens about the dangers and foolishness of sending sexually charged pictures or posting them online.

However, many parents don’t realize that sexting is not just pictures anymore.

While Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook present a more coiffed and manicured version of users' personas, Snapchat has become an outlet for people and publishers to provide a raw, behind-the-scenes glimpse into their day.

My Story is the tool available to most publishers and compiles a chronological montage of your snaps from the last day, with each snap disappearing after 24 hours.

I don't know when I learned to hate my body, just that — unlike any foreign language class I ever took — it's been really difficult to forget.

Ask me to speak Spanish after six years of education, and I will say, "" Which Google Translate will tell you means, "How are you?

While sexy video calls between teens who know each other is bad enough, a shocking number of video chat platforms offer to matchmake calls with strangers.

No vetting or identification is required to join these groups; most only require a first name and an email address.

When Stephanie dropped this sage wisdom back in 2009, smartphones were just beginning their meteoric rise. I refused to let him back into my life until I heard the five words I yearned to hear: "Can we just have sex? After having sex multiple times a week for three months, Jack started hinting that he wanted more from me. Though I liked Jack, I didn't think he was "boyfriend material" (whatever that means). It was during the throes of a breakup with another guy -- someone who left me wanting sexually -- that I decided to text Jack: "Be at your place in 15 minutes." Words were barely uttered before we began ripping off each other's clothes. After a few weeks, Jack asked if I'd send him a sexy picture. Jack didn't have to ask -- I started sending them by the spank bankful.

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