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Don't be surprised if you see a chef from your hotel here checking out the catch of the day to bring back to the kitchen.Wierd rock husband me the door fall unexplored head right.The book can be read here and I recommend you do so if you have any interest in Hollow Earth and UFOs. It's funny to see hard core Catholics/Christians react to things of this nature. Timing Is everything and they have determined their moves and "timing" years, decades if not generations ago. They are doing what they always do through Hollywood....using the Medes (media) to mind control the sheep.

Even Hitler escaped to the Inner Earth via a submarine to South America and then down through the tunnels. v=Vf7v LXf5b No 8: this is really interesting and you put it together really good with use of the other sources thanks i don't really read books and you told all well enough so i wouldn't have to read this book ; P also i appreciate that you made clear the distinction between the author's religious beliefs and the et phenomena and that religious ppl still could stay religious while believing in aliens, tough these religious mystical mythical beings/creatures are most probably 'aliens' and ppl religiously adore and worship them without really realizing that ; P btw tough it's off topic here's something you might like to read if your interested, it seems to be pretty interesting and sceptic towards quantum mechanic science and theory regarding the wave/particle function and it's in Dutch De verkrachting van de Psi (ψ) The Vatican came out and said, (approx) "A belief in aliens does NOT necessarily conflict with a belief in The Bible/God".

A big chapter in the book is regarding Admiral Byrd’s experiences with the Inner Earth, starting with the mission called High Jump (3) where the American navy at the end of WW2 had to retreat from Antarctica with many casualties. This post makes me wonder if The Vatican's "coming out party" with regard to the possibility of alien life (in 2008 methinks) was scheduled.

Negotiations happen in multiple languages (mostly in Spanish, but English and Curaçao's native Papiamentu are also well-represented) and currencies (guilders, dollars, and bolivars).

The island of Curaçao is known for its gorgeous beaches.

In the late 1930s the king of Bodland visited Hitler, which gave Hitler the interest to have connections with his Inner Earth relatives, thus a piece of Antarctica was concurred by the Nazis in the early days of WW2 (3).

As the Germans were losing the war, they were allowed to migrate to the Inner Earth, through the entrance in Antarctica and the tunnels in South America.Its also stated that the Earth’s crust contains many cities of these dwellers much like Phil Schneider talked about having encountered(7) in the late 70s.The dwellers are actually explained to have lived on the surface but were forced to move into the deep caves due to deluge like catastrophes in ancient times (Maybe even a previous root race).It seems to be one of the greatest symbols we are being brainwashed with. My way of studying is that I will look at things that I might not agree with 100% or maybe even 50% and then compare it to other sources hence the references and then I will keep it in mind to compare with future studies. Last night we were up late remodeling the guinea pigs cage an my phone fell out of my hand face first open on the tile an screen cracked but still working as the screen protector which isn't glass but thick plastic sticky is holding the pieces together. I noticed an owl on my way home, started star gazing and then had these visions, started researching what's outside the universe and got here! I was appalled that all these people that say they are trying to help, when right in front of them is a child in slavery and not one child was removed .Like the show the "V"oice and what I posted in the Belgian forum: The last picture is of the one who is probably going to be the new prime minister here. Sometimes I make the conclussion that something I might have believed at first, didn't seem so likely to me after all on a later stage and something I didn't believe might seem more likely after having read more sources on the subject. Otherwise I'm doing pretty good how is everybody today? nikkiraw: I just finished watching the video " The Dark Side of Chocolate". These people in high positions are getting paid off.The information in the book has been retrieved by several investigators who had the chance to view classified documents in the US, Germany, the Vatican, USSR(Russia), Brazil, etc. entered WW2 the amount of UFOs increased heavily and there are several accounts of incidents where the US army tried to shoot down these UFOs(1).

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