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The smiley stickers are nice, but it would be better if there were cat stickers you could send. Oddly, the ability to organize or even delete packs on Android is missing. May 6, 2015–David Wendel Thompson, who was nabbed by US law enforcement authorities in Miami while trying to fly to Belize, has been sentenced to 15 years in Florida, USA, after having pleaded guilty to enticing two Belizean minors, ages 13 and 15, via Facebook.

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ICE also said that Thomspon could face a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum penalty of life in prison if convicted.

Media reports in the US said that Thompson had been in Belize 9 times since 2011.

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If you’re a lady, you could invest in one of those things that disabled people attach to their heads to type that makes them look like spazzy chickens. ” and “ah Christ sorry there’s someone at the door, I think it’s the fella from the council about the noise, we had a party the other night and it got a bit messy, a man actually overdosed in the kitchen on something and we didn’t find him for a week lol, brb , ;) ” 6. He had apparently picked up enough of the local lingo, Kriol, to take on the persona of a Belizean teen girl online.In a part of the conversation published by The Tampa Tribune, Thompson, posing as Iris Levy, told the 13-year-old: “if u give yourself to dis man…he will neva forget dat and b there for as long as u want him.Months before he began communicating with the Belizean minors online, he had also married a young Belizean woman from southern Belize.An August 2013 notice carried in a local newspaper said that he had married Claudine Crusita Montes, 21, of Dangriga, Stann Creek.Some were asked to ‘Like’ and receive news from a sexual-health Facebook page called Just/Us, which shared articles about condom use and sexually transmitted infection testing.

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