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Mr O'Connor expressed concern that children had access to the phone lines.After yesterday's hearing, in which several steps to limit access to the lines were outlined, Mr O'Connor said he was happy with the outcome.The company proposed to include in its newsletter, which accompanies phone bills, an information article drawing attention to the cost associated with calls to premium rate services and to raise subscribers' awareness of their entitlement to bar, free of charge, access to 15XX numbers.

Mr Peter Finlay SC, for Mr O'Connor, said they seemed to meet the concerns of a reasonable person and seemed to be a real attempt to meet the problem.

, request people forms instructions for small business owners and those interested in becoming a webcam model, wanted to make sure.

Eircom would co-operate fully with the regulator where particular services were to be transferred to the 1559 code.

Eircom was willing to increase its funding contribution to the regulator to enable him to monitor the premium rate service on a more frequent basis, to ensure that services on the 15XX code were in accordance with the code of practice and to enable the regulator to carry out his duties more effectively.

Mr Tom Mallon, for the regulator, said there had been a meeting with providers supplying virtual chat services and additional precautionary procedures were laid down to prevent "silent access".

All callers must make a verbal statement on accessing the lines.Virtual chat services enable two or more callers to exchange separate recorded messages between each other while connected to the service.These services do not involve live telephone conversations.Call 1599 501 138 now for Hot 24/7 Live Irish Phone Sex! Our hot, sexy girls are just waiting for your phone call.Just pick up the phone and let your imagination run riot with o…The closures have been carried out by the regulator with responsibility for premium rate phone services.

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