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Some people claim there’s no difference between sexual images on the net and looking at soft porn magazines – which have been around for generations.Sex addiction expert Paula Hall says that watching fast-moving sexual images online “can lead to a trance-like state and can certainly become addictive – in that sense paper porn is safer than online porn.

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It doesn’t teach you about emotions and love, and it desensitises young people to violence and rape.

Men and women are just seen as sex objects and body parts.” EU Kids Online, a study by the London School of Economics and Political Science, found boys appeared more likely than girls to seek out offensive or violent content, to access pornographic content or be sent links to porn websites.

It leads to unrealistic and exaggerated expectations of sex, body image and relationships.

Research carried out worldwide shows that people who grow up on a diet of porn have more difficulty forming relationships.

Young people nowadays can access the internet on their phones, tablets, computers, which gives them even more of a chance of stumbling across porn sites.

Young people are naturally curious, if they see a pop-up window they might click on it and be led to a porn site, or be sent links to it in via their junk mail.

I really regret shouting.” Remember that your teen could access porn anywhere as long as they have internet access.

Young people are naturally curious and are constantly sharing things via social networks or messaging apps that they’ve seen online, pornographic or not.

Only 43% of parents knew if their child had watched porn and 66% parents knew the laws surrounding watching pornography.

Most young people in the UK now have access to the Internet.

That is now much lower, according to the Sexualisation of Children report.

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