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And in recent years, some insurance companies have started taking account of customers' postcodes when deciding what annuity rate to pay them.Prudential recently became the latest to begin using postcodes as part of the assessment for pension incomes, with others expected to follow suit.

Tory leader Ruth Davidson said Mr Johnstone was "a big man with a big heart" who "embodied politics at its best".

She said: "Alex's passing is an enormous loss for the Scottish Conservative party, for the Scottish Parliament and for Scottish public life generally."He was a big man with a big heart.

But simply living on or over the border of two areas could mean a significant difference to your insurance costs.

If you live just down the road from West Norwood, in Upper Norwood, or SE19, it could mean an average saving of over £50 a year in premiums for example.

Elected in 1999, he went to serve as the party's chief whip, as well as acting as spokesman on housing, transport and rural affairs.

In the last session of the Scottish Parliament he represented the Conservatives on the welfare reform committee.

But surely a customer's individual lifestyle and medical situation should determine that risk without taking into account the irrelevant health of those living around them?

"The difference between annuity rates is significant and those approaching retirement really must shop around for the best rate for their pension pot." Insurance It makes sense that if your house gets flooded every year, your home insurance will be pricey.

Insurers should assess premiums on a case by case basis, rather than blacklisting cities or areas as 'high-risk'.

"Different insurers weight these factors differently, so anyone who finds their insurance premiums too high should look for insurers who will assess their premiums on an individual basis.

"There are no hard and fast rules about assessing location risk," warns Richard Mason, of

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