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The Psephisma includes the names of 200 Greek families and the agreement between themselves and the Illyrians who had already settled in the area.

Thus, the vineyards of Lumbarda are somewhat strange come late summer when you’ll see white and red grapes grown side-by-side.

The regional red wine varietal, Plavac Mali, is grown alongside the Grk vines and acts as its “mate” or as it is sometimes called, the “lover boy”!

In 1806 Napolean and his French forces took control of Dalmatia which included Korcula.

During the following few years a power struggle over Korcula took place between Napolean and Russia, as an extension of the war that was raging between the two nations.

The Statute of Korcula was first drafted in 1214 and contains a set of laws governing a broad spectrum of life; from health & safety and trade rights, to the responsibilities and duties expected of its citizens.

One of the most fascinating decrees was the abolishment of slavery, making Korcula the first place in the world to prohibit this act and indeed some 200 years before the Dubrovnik Republic passed a similar law.Although far from a peaceful rule, the Napoleanic era has been accredited with the development of a legal system and infrastructure within Dalmatia.However, in 1813 along came the British troops to bring Napolean down and remove his power on Korcula.They took the name of their own island Corkyra, and added to it “Melaina”, which means black or dark skinned. Image: Korcula 3 – Corkyra Melaina – Black Island 4) Some unlikely rulers Throughout the centuries Korcula has been under the control of a flurry of civilisations all shaping the landscape and culture of the island, from the Ilyrians, to the Greeks, to the Venetians, to the Austrians.Amongst these powers there has been a couple of surprise and short-lived rulers.Plavac Mali provides the male flowering parts for pollination.

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