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This does not mean that a local church can have no cultural distinction. You may never have an opportunity to preach a sermon on racial reconciliation, but you can invite people over for dinner.

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I have talked with several black men who, since coming to faith, marvel in horror at how devoid of the gospel their neighborhoods are.

Black communities starve theologically, perishing down the street from a healthy and fruitful gathering of saints.

I’ve sat down with white brothers and sisters who fear God and love their cities. Many from my childhood have never been confronted with the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Even if they grew up in Grandma’s church, they most likely heard some form of “the prosperity gospel” — which is no gospel at all.

Whites only.” When Christianity is whitewashed, when the church becomes associated with suburban country clubs, when our celebrated leaders and theologians throughout time have almost exclusively white faces, when Hollywood confirms that Noah looked like Russell Crowe and Moses like Christian Bale, when Jesus is seen as lead candidate for a political party, when the Father is the old white man in the sky who blesses white faces behind white picket fences, minority souls close their ears to the gospel and die in their sins.

This parasite, this unchallenged assumption causes many minorities to throw the baby born in Bethlehem out with the murky bathwater of European colonialism.

And I fear that many evangelical churches unintentionally give minorities the impression that being a Christian entails the cross of Jesus Christ plus assimilation into white culture.

I am not at all interested in needlessly adding to white guilt. They are honorable people who feel shame because they are white in a predominantly white congregation. That said, black souls are being lost without ever hearing the biblical gospel.

Injustice has been the lion’s share of African-American history.

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